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Tungsten Alloys

Tungsten heavy alloys are ideal for high density applications or for use in radiation shielding. Heavy metal tungsten alloys are 90% to 97% pure tungsten in a matrix of nickel and copper or nickel and iron. The addition of these alloying elements improves both the ductility and machinability of these alloys over non-alloyed tungsten.

  • Tungsten Alloy W90
  • Tungsten Alloy W93
  • Tungsten Alloy W95
  • Tungsten Alloy W97
  • Tungsten Alloy 90-7-3
  • Tungsten Alloy 90-6-4
  • Tungsten Copper 80W20Cu
  • Tungsten Copper 75W25Cu
  • Tungsten Copper 70W30Cu
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Tungsten Bars
Tungsten Parts
Tungsten Rings

Tungsten applications:

  • Directly heated cathodes or heater coils for indirectly heated cathodes in cathode ray tubes for TV sets or computer displays, X-ray tubes, electron tubes, klystrons, magnetrons for microwave ovens;
  • Thoria or rare earth oxide alloyed rod electrodes for inert gas welding (TIG welding electrodes), as well as High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps;
  • Tungsten disks for substrate of high power semiconductor rectifying devices;
  • Sintered tungsten-copper or tungsten-silver electrical contacts for high-voltage breakers
  • High temperature furnace parts such as tungsten heating coils, reflectors and structural material
  • Calcium and/or magnesium tungstate is the phosphor in intensifying screens used with the X-ray photo films. These phosphors convert X-rays into visible (blue) light, resulting in a smaller X-ray charge for the patient
  • Ultra high purity tungsten, tungsten silicide and tungsten-titanium PVD sputtering targets are used in VLSI and ULSI DRAM chip technology. A W-Ti layer on a wafer acts as a diffusion barrier, while W and WSi layers function as electrical conductor materials.
  • In liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, ultra high purity molybdenum-tungsten alloy targets are now used instead of molybdenum-tantalum, resulting in improved definition of LCD panels.