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Welcome to Asia Technic

Asia Technic established in 2003, supplying special steels and Alloys / metal products and precision cutting tools specifically for the following industries:

1) Building and Construction
2) Precision Engineering
3) Petrochemical
4) Oil and Gas
5) Automotive
6) Aerospace

We are a metal processing center cooperate with various metal mills, our team managed by experienced Engineering professionals, the company has been establishing metal products to cater the requirements of different industries.

Our products and services: 

1) Special Steels and Alloys

Alloy Steel / Aluminium Alloy / Nickel Alloy / Stainless Steel / Titanium Alloy / Tungsten Alloy.

We provides wide range of metals and it products to our valued customers, all metals are compliance to ASTM, JIS, EN international standard. Our cooperation mills and metal stocks are strategically located for fast delivery and cost efficiency.     

2) Metal Products

Decorative Metal Works / Building Hardware / Metal Machining / Metal Processing.

We provides manufacturing and fabrication support for metal products and hardware fabrication. Our manufacturing processes includes machining, laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, powder costing, spray painting, anodizing, titanium colour coating and surface treatments. 

3) Precision Cutting Tools

We are cutting tools manufacturer, we produced the following cutting tools.

Precision Carbide End-mills / High Speed Steel End-mills / Machine NC Spot Drills.

Precision cutting tools are manufactured by high precision machines and state of the art cutting technologies, all processes are attaining good manufacturing practice, cutting tools are undergo 100% quality inspection to ensure it highest quality.   

Our Mission

Quality first is our motto, our management team focused in upholding the quality standard and quality services to our valued customers, ensuring our products quality and services are meeting the highest standard. 

Our manufacturing are based on latest technology and recognized as a famed and reliable brand of metals and products. We are dedicated in the research and development of our products, rewarded with complete and state-of-the-art product solutions for our customers. 

Our metal products accomplished to meet the aesthetics, functional and structural requirements of the architects and the owners, all conceptual designs and shop drawing developments are carried out by experienced trade experts. Organization and execution of the projects are also conducted under control of product experts and craftsmen to guarantee consistency to the design intent and shop drawings.

We are dedicated to enhance products innovative, reliable, and cost-efficiency solutions to our valued customers.