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About Us

About Us

Corporate Profile

AT products are based on latest industrial technology, the products have been recognized as a famed and reliable brand of roofing, cladding, facades and interior turn-key solutions.

For years, we have been dedicated in the research and development of our products, rewarded with complete and state-of-the-art building solutions for our customers.

Besides classical interior decoration systems of furniture and metal works, AT products is always accomplished in meeting the aesthetical, functional and structural requirements of the architects and the owners. Other systems are available to realize various conceptual designs.

All conceptual designs and shop drawing developments are carried out by experienced experts. Organization and execution of the projects are also conducted under control of overseas experts and craftsmen to guarantee consistency to the design intent and shop drawings. As a manufacturer, we establishes production bases Singapore and China. AT products has achieved wide global presence in building industry.

Our products are based on latest manufacturing technology, thoughtful service and reliable warranty, AT Products is looking forward to extending innovative, reliable, and cost-saving solutions to clients worldwide.